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I have a multidisciplinary skillset due to my several years of experience in print and digital agencies
I was lucky enough to be part of some stunning projects such as… Career One’s Greatest Job Ever Campaign

As the Lead Designer under supervision of one of the most talented Creative Directors in Australia, Jonathan Viner, I was responsible for creating the major visuals of this promotional advertising campaign with monthly executions. For example an engaging Microsite, Print Ads, Digital Banners, EDMs and Social Media Skins. I helped to increase the clients reach to a list of over 822,850 (and counting).

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  • Several monthly email pieces are included such as Solus, Re-engagement and Winner EDMs.
  • Mobile Experience I created the visuals for the mobile site to encourage users to enter and share the competition "on-the-go".
  • Digital Ads What is a digital campaign without some engaging flash banner advertising, right?
  • I visualised the clients amazing Share and Win secondary competition to drive viral advertising.
I was also a part of Imei’s ‘Big Numbers’ digital campaign. Redefining Enterprise Mobility from a burden to an opportunity.

Another exciting project I was involved in as the Lead Designer under the amazing Art Direction of Kathryn Gilbert was an integrated digital campaign. This project focused on some of the key numbers behind supporting enterprise mobility and targeting CIO's through a strategic microsite, direct email marketing and flash banner advertising across relevant digital media and Linked In's new In-mail.

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  • See more details on IMEI’s Digital Campaign Analysis & Insight Every successful project is based on a foundation of a comprehensive analysis of the problem the client is facing. Without that every step afterwards is just pointless.
  • See more details on IMEI’s Digital Campaign Ideate & Develop It could even be a quick sketch on a napkin as long as it depicts the basic idea and helps to communicate how the user would interact with the digital product.
  • See more details on IMEI’s Digital Campaign Test & Refine Not every project is successful by default. Testing and refining are very important steps in getting the best results for the user and to achieve the best ROI.
The rebranding of Momento – Australia’s first and finest photobook maker. The handcrafted finish your photos deserve.

The rebranding of this multi-award winning photobook company in Australia was also one of the many great projects I was involved in. As a member of Alt Agency’s rocking Creative Team I had the opportunity to be part of the whole rebranding process. The result? One of the loveliest websites out there which perfectly represents the company’s core value – being Australia’s finest photobook maker.

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Finding the Company’s Unique Personality

Great ideas are born by distilling the information found by asking the right questions and looking for valuable insights to drive Momento’s new branding. After this step it’s up to agreeing on a brand idea that both guides and inspires the creative. This rigorous procedure ensures the right questions are asked and gives the creative team and most importantly, the client a criteria for evaluating it.

The result is more than a new logo – more than a new website. It gives the company a new personality and the chance to speak to its potential customers in a whole new and enhanced way.

Enhancing Regaining Brand Equity Recreating Transferring
Creating an Impression that Lasts

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Unfortunately, Will Rogers never had the chance to see the beauty of the world wide web, but maybe his statement is today even more important than ever. The first impression we got in the present day of a company is more than likely the website. It’s the first chance for a business to make a sell and/or to win a business partner.

A website can be the difference between a successful business that blossoms and just another one that struggles and fails.

“His commitment to excellence in the area of practical design (creative thinking, aesthetic understanding, typography, layout hierarchy, etc) is outstanding in and of itself, but it’s his aptitude for understanding greater creative functions that really set him apart.”

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